“Some of the visitors leave the place with tears in their eyes”

Igor – “I am an usher and cashier here at the Independence Hall in Tel Aviv, the place where David Ben-Gurion pronounced Israel’s declaration of independence and proclaimed the establishment of the state of Israel. I have worked here for the last 8 years, and I am so personally tied to the place that at times I feel like I am witnessing the declaration itself in real time.

Being here is a very sentimental experience for most of the visitors, and some of them even end the tour with tears in their eyes.

After the Western Wall and Masada, We are the third most visited tourist attraction in Israel. We host more than 130,000 people a year! For a small place like ours, this is quite an achievement. During the next six months we will begin a thorough renovation project that will turn this small house into a 4-floor museum, a proper facility for a place of such important historical significance.

Around 90% of our visitors are from abroad. I would be happy to see more Israelis visit, especially children and youth who will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the place where our story as a state began.”