“I am often stung by my colleagues”  

Ilan Meiri – “Our honey Production goes way back to 1936, when some of the founders of kibbutz Yad Mordechai learned the secrets of honey making from Australian and British soldiers who had been stationed in Israel.

As for myself, I am a beekeeper here but “only” for the last 30 years! Actually it dates back exactly to the point when our commercial apiary (beehive) was separated from the agricultural one. Since then we gladly kept on growing, achieving a major milestone of opening a development and innovation center in 1991 that includes a research laboratory for honey. I am proud to say that we are now the leading brand in the Israeli honey market, holding the largest apiary in the Middle East!

I have been stung many times. Is that surprising for a person whom bees are his most common colleagues? And referring to people’s most popular question about being stung – yes, it does hurt the same every time. But don’t worry, a couple of stings won’t stop us from keeping on producing that sweet, tasty liquid.

Shanna Tova!”