“Sabich is a serious business!”

Itay Aricha – “Food is my passion, and I have been in the culinary business for the last 8 years. Two years ago, I decided to open my own restaurant, but then I figured in the obstacles– I lack the sufficient experience, knowledge, and most of all – money.

After deep and long thoughts about my professional future, I drafted a vision for myself: to be the leader of the Israeli street food scene and culture.

I decided to start with Sabich, a traditional Shabbat morning meal of the Iraqi Jewish community, which became popular street food all over the country. Why Sabich? First, I am a one-quarter Iraqi Jew! And second, I just love its taste.

I did some serious research between all the local Sabich places in Jerusalem, and the conclusion was that none of them takes it seriously enough – and Sabich is a serious business! In creating excellent Sabich, every ingredient must be fresh and precise.

So two years ago I opened my own place here in Jerusalem’s famous Mahane Yehuda market, and things are going great.

The secret for successful street food is being focused; don’t make Sabich, Falafel, and Shakshuka all in the same place. Choose one dish – and master it, with great love and dedicated professionalism.”

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