Keeping it clean!

For Janet and Judy, helping people is “a win-win situation.” The twins run the Soapbox Project which provides toiletries to Israel’s needy. Ten years ago, Janet, while volunteering with a charitable organization, became aware that many girls starting junior high school could not afford sanitary products. “I started realizing how expensive toiletries are in Israel and how many people are going without. It can be so damaging to people’s dignity and lives.’

Soapbox provides an ingenious way to deal with the problem. Huge amounts of complimentary toiletries are given to hotel visitors but never used. Soapbox makes sure they reach people in need. Tour and high-tech companies, synagogues and other Soapbox partners offer hotel visitors an easy way to drop off their unopened soaps, deodorants, shampoo, toothpaste and all “the things that make you feel good about yourself.” Soapbox does the rest: packaging and distributing the toiletries to immigrants in distress, women’s shelters, soldiers and many others. Brides from the country’s poorest sectors also receive packages to make their wedding day more special.

The great thing about Soapbox is “no-one needs to spend a dime and so many people benefit. Companies can do good without writing a check. Travelers to Israel have an easy way to help the country.” And the twins are thrilled to see the donations make a difference. As Janet likes to quote, “Those who seek happiness for others, find it in themselves.” Judy puts it another way, “You make a living from what you get. But you make a life from what you give.”

We at Da’at are proud participants and supporters of the Soapbox Project.

For more information, contact:
Judy Nisman: [email protected]
Janet Agassi: [email protected]