Blogging with a purpose

With so many bloggers in the blogosphere, sometimes it can be hard to find what you’re looking for. If you’re eager to be connected to a real, raw, authentic Israel, Sarah Tuttle-Singer could be the voice you’re looking for.

As a native Californian from Venice Beach, Tuttle-Singer feels very much at-home in Israel’s climate, but what she really loves about Israel is the people. She loves them so much, in fact, she has made a career out of it – as a journalist – writing and blogging about the people she meets.

With tens of thousands of readers, Tuttle-Singer has plenty to write about.

“I climb roofs and drink scotch and take pictures and write and teach my kids to ask questions. I am a work in progress. I do that because I’m curious.  And I like exploring.  And I love people.  And drinking scotch.  And when you write about Israel and Palestine, you get to do all of these things.”

Tuttle-Singer splits her time between the lush green fields in the heart of Israel, and a rooftop apartment in the Old City of Jerusalem.

But where can you find the most quintessentially Israeli Israelis? The Shuk.

Tuttle-Singer explains in a way that only she can: “Any day of the week when the old guys are playing backgammon right in the middle of the fray, and Shoshanna is waving a fish in the air, and yelling at the young girls that they need to wear jackets because it’s cold even though it’s a warm day in May, and Ahmad is arranging the fresh mint, and Moti is selling fresh strawberries, and the whole entire world smells like parsley and cardamom from the coffee, and there’s a guy baking bread over on the far end, and everyone’s mouth is watering, and there are guys in yarmulkes and women in hijab, and people with nose rings and tattoos, and kids crying, and moms soothing, and the old people gossiping, and people forget their differences, and just are. People.”

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