From the Rockies to Tzfat

Strolling through the colorful alleyways of Tzfat, you may just stumble upon the delightful gallery and studio of local artist Sheva Chaya. Step into her garden scented by lush citrus trees, and into her studio made of Jerusalem stone, and you will find Sheva Chaya creating her masterpieces – either from paint, or from glass.

“Learning glassblowing after over ten years of painting really opened my mind to new realms of expression,” says Sheva Chaya. “I’m always interested in how the different media relate and overlap in technique and expression.  I felt like I could approach the spirit of a subject with painting, and glass has connected me to the spirit of Tzfat.”

Born in Denver, Colorado, where wide open skies and the majestic Rocky Mountains inspired her to begin her career in art. Sheva Chaya studied at Princeton University, majoring in visual art and art history. Moving to Tzfat enhanced her point of view with deeper meaning and spiritual profundity.

“It’s so amazing to work with creative expression in Tzfat; it allows me to not only strive to perfect my technique, but also to find important and profound subject matter, and to understand its spiritual component.”

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