“We don’t plan, we just play”

Lev, Eyal and Syko – “We are a Trio that plays Jewish music, mainly ‘agency songs’ (“Shirei Sochnut”) ­ the most well-known songs by Jews all over the world. As you can see, one of us is a Yemenite Israeli, the other is Russian Israeli and it’s a great advantage for us as a trio ­ each one brings the sounds of his origins and together we create a unique Jewish Israeli harmony.

Our songs all have one thing in common ­ they make people happy.

We play all kinds of drums and wind instruments, and we never plan our performance in advance. One of us just takes the lead and starts playing and the others follow. Happily, that always works and every show makes people smile, sing and dance ­ even the biggest fuddy duddies in the crowd!”