Where does milk come from?

In today’s world, where coffee comes out of a capsule, and you can purchase baby carrots in a bag, it’s easy to forget the origins of our food. At The Milky Cow Farm, we give our visitors a hands-on experience and the opportunity to produce their own dairy products. From feeding the calves, to milking a cow by hand, to preparing your own butter or chocolate milk, visitors get to try everything themselves, and also get to see our state-of-the-art robot technology.

My greatest satisfaction comes from educating the younger generations, and watching them connect with the land and food sources. Seeing a small child feed a calf, and parents churning butter with their children – it’s just like the good old days!

This is how our ancestors did it – we are giving a taste of what Israeli farming communities looked like before the age of technology, and creating a fun experience for the whole family!