Tips for picky eaters

Is your kid a picky eater? We’re with you. While we’re going out of our minds trying to get our kids to eat anything besides mac and cheese, Hani Borovski claims that’s not an issue. Hani, an Israeli TV personality, private chef, and tasting specialist, says it’s all about finding the path between what you want them to eat and what they like, and then creating a menu that will satisfy you and your kids. She suggests also bringing your kids into the kitchen and letting them be the chefs – this will give them pride in what they cook, and will encourage them to explore new foods and flavors.

Hani is now recording the second season of “Kol HaYeladim Ochlim” (All the Kids are Eating), where she invites parents of picky eaters to come cook with her. She gives out culinary and dietary tips on her show, and she’s happy to share some with us as well:

  1. Give a hard sell on vegetables: Prepare a veggie platter with as many colors as you can, and have them choose at least three colors to try.
  2. Add healthy ingredients to every dish: veggies on pizza, tuna in pasta, and fruit in desert.
  3. It’s all about presentation: Make it look good, and it’ll taste good, too!